Lavender Blues is an in-person class that teaches and engages in fun activities with toddlers through music. Alex Branson started Lavender Blues as a way to create a fun space for young children and their parents to learn their alphabet, phrases, and sing along all while having fun in the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Everyone enjoys and can understand music, which is why Lavender Blues thinks music is an important part of making learning easier and fun for toddlers through repetition and song. She makes sure that engaging in the music and activities is both fun for toddlers and adults!

It was first started as a small class in a bookstore in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, just to see how people would respond to it. But it kept getting bigger and bigger and eventually became a full-fledged idea and brand.

“I was inspired to create Lavender Blues when I lived in London for 7 years. I was a Nanny and went to many classes that were fun and enjoyable for the children. Thinking about what my next career step would be, I thought I could create my own class and bring a new curriculum to early learning through music. From that came Lavender Blues!” Said Alex Branson.

Classes are $20 - $25 and are held Tuesdays through Saturday within Brooklyn. They are drop-in classes so that parents and/or nannies don’t have to worry about signing up in advance. The locations, schedule and other information can be found at the website: Check her out!



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