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Well it is Pretty Obvious that this experience is without a doubt One of the favourites for all children and (young adults at heart)! The Disney Cruise is an experience like no other. You can cast off on a fun filled adventure on water worldwide, so whether it be cruising through the Caribbean with the pirates to discover an enchanted private island in Disney's Castaway Cay, or heading to the luxurious beaches in the Mediterranean there is a Magical Experience to be had by everyone.
Onboard the cruise there is so much happening you will be entertained for hours, Take in a Show with award winning performances,  recap those childhood memories while your child faces come alive as they see their favourite characters in front of their eyes! How about catching a few FIRST-RUN MOVIES, in the grand theatre aboard your cruise ship hosting screenings of classic and 3D feature films for your thorough enjoyment.
Please Remember, always keep your cameras and autograph books at the ready! You wouldn't want to get caught short when you bump into your favourite character/s aboard your cruise at "meet and greets and "smile and sign" opportunities which will be treasured for a lifetime by your child. `
Depending when you decide when you and your family will be embarking on your fun filled Disney cruise there are many special event aboard throughout the seasons, such as A spooky Halloween, Christmas onboard with Mickey his friends and Santa Claus, Thumper and his bunny friends delivering some delicious fun Easter surprises and many many more exciting experience to be apart of.

Online:  https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/

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