Want to look runway ready without draining your funds? Believe it or not, you can indeed achieve the high-fashion look without spending high-fashion money. Learn how to be a fashionista on a budget with these Tips to Keep it Stylish Without Breaking the Bank.

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Set a Spending Goal.

Know your limits. Set a reasonable spending goal. Treat yourself to a monthly (or other preferred frequency) wardrobe allowance. Set this money aside. When it's time for you to add some new apparel to your closet, use only the money you have set aside in your allowance.

Make Room For The New By Trading and Selling.

Utilize platforms such as Poshmark to sell and trade clothes you no longer wear. Doing this will not only help you free up space in your closet but also help you replace that which you have gotten rid of.

Thrift Shopping.

You can score some really great deals on designer wear, and stylish pieces at your local thrift store. A designer shirt that would typically cost around $50-$70 may be found for $5 or less at a thrift store. This is an excellent way to stock up on some quality apparel while staying within your spending goal.

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Utilize Consignment Shops (ThredUp)

Take a shot at selling some of your old clothes to a consignment shop to help build your wardrobe fund. You can even find some new treasures in-store while you're at it. ThredUp is a popular online consignment store you may want to check out for great deals on stylish pieces.

Shop Big Sales.

Utilize big sales such as ones found around Black Friday and certain holidays to upgrade your wardrobe without a huge budget.

Hit the Clearance Rack.

Don't be afraid to make your way on over to the clearance rack. You can often find trendy pieces at a much lower price on the clearance rack.

Know What Looks Best On You.

It's not only about the price tag when you're a fashionista on a budget. It's important that you know what looks best on you so that you can seek out particular styles before even looking at a price tag.

Use The Off-Season To Your Advantage.

You will find that you can stock up on some pieces that are now out of season for a great discount. This is an excellent way to start building your wardrobe for next year.

 (photo: Tamara Bellis)


Reduce, reuse, and recycle. You don't necessarily have to buy more. Sometimes you just need to remix it a little. Mix-and-match some of your favorite old pieces to create a new look that you can fall in love with.

Embrace Dark Pieces.

Keep a supply of darker colored apparel that can help you to effortlessly pull off the mix-and-match strategy. Using this idea, you can get more out of a piece without exhausting a particular style.

As you can see, being a fashionista isn't all about spending the big bucks on wardrobe hauls. Using these tips, you can look as stylish as you deserve without draining your bank account. Happy shopping!


Author: Briana Marie
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