Shockingly proven in recent studies, our children are playing outdoors only half as much as what we did as children, from the 2 hours of free play per day back in 1970's/1980. Nowadays that's down to under an hour outdoors per day for our children.       

Here are some great ideas to encourage our child that there is so much fun to have outdoors, away from TV, Games console, Ipad's and other Gadgets which the 21st century child pines for daily. 

 Why not try one of these fun family activities with your family this coming weekend.


Visit the Zoo

This is a family favourite, skip along with the family to see the big and small animals and creatures of nature while singing in tune "We're Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, You Can Come Too, Too, Too, We're Going To The Zoo!" There are so many opportunities for learning while exploring around the zoo; your child will gain valuable knowledge and life skills.

A Family Visit to the Zoo encourages our children that a not only is it vital to lead a healthy lifestyle, that It is also  lots of fun too.
Whether spring, summer, fall or winter the Zoo is one day out enjoyed by all the family.


A Family Picnic is great opportunity to enjoy each othesr company in a relaxed, friendly environment and shares stories and tales. The children always find picnic's are great adventures, all that is needed for your family picnic is to grab the basket fill with some of your favourite food, sun cream and, of course, the camera.     Head to the local park or wide open space close or far from home. Enjoy the delicious foods, the scenery, go for walks together & take photos of what you and the children see.
Make sure that you all get outside and observe nature, watch how everything changes with each and every season,  breath in the fresh air,  soak it all up and enjoy the pleasure of living in the moment. Sharing special days, moments and making memories like these build the bonds between you and the children more and more.     For the whole family's well-being, it's so important to take time for precious family picnics.

Jump in the Puddles

Outdoor play, come the sunshine or rain is so important for our children to have the opportunities to experience, if you remember as a child with your raincoat and rain boots on, your parents would have let you jump in puddles till your heart was content.
Children need the freedom to explore their natural environment. Join in the fun and release the innocent child in you. When your child sees you enjoying the fun they will be more inclined to let loose, and explore.

Plant Something

Now I know without a doubt every child would love to get their hands stuck in and dirty, Yes, your saying, Why not plants something with your child,  and watch it grow over time. This activity is great for children to learn how to take care of things; they can also learn the cycle of life;
Plant the seeds, water it, give it plenty of sunshine and nurture it so it grows stronger and taller. Keep record of it growth and changes to help your child develop in so may areas.  Why not plant some pretty sunflowers to brighten up your family garden the weekend?

Bike Ride
As a child this was a big part of our weekend family plans, it was integrated into our Sunday afternoon routine. Unfortunately, it is not so popular nowadays to see the whole family out on their bike in single file.
It is so important that our children exercise daily and today's activities and classes can cost a family of four a lot.  Whether you have bikes at home in the garage or hire some for the day, encourage your child to take up this fun exhilarating sport.     It can be so much fun for you all, racing the kids to the nearest stop sign or street light, Cycling round reservoirs, there are many fun bike routes to be found that the kids will thoroughly enjoy.

Fly a kite

"Lets go Fly A Kite, Up To The Highest Height and Send It Soaring,  this simple but highly entertaining pastime is such a great way to spend part of you weekend doing. 

With a little wind and your kite, the kids will be entertained for a good while. Activities like this are also excellent educational opportunities to fill their little mind full of knowledge.


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Catriona Lamerique, Born in Manchester, England has always had an eye for Fashion. Growing up watching award shows and fashion shows always inspired her to one day work in the fashion industry. As a mum she is extremely humbled to be able to bring her love of both adult and child fashion together.

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