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In this growing age of technology, it can be hard to get your kids to sit down and read a book. Sometimes kids struggle with reading fluency and end up getting frustrated with reading. The earlier you try to encourage a positive relationship with reading, the better time they’ll have, and the better they’ll do, when their teachers start assigning book after book in high school.

Start With a Book is a website and app that provides free resources for parents, teachers, camp leaders, and anyone else trying to get kids to read, with tips and topics to help kids who struggle to read. Whether they’re struggling with poor reading skills, or you’re struggling to encourage an interest in reading, Start With a Book is here to help.

They have activities to help kids with vocabulary, writing, and hands-on activities that build imagination. They offer tips not only in English, but also in Spanish.

How it works: You pick a topic that your kids are interested in, like animals, space, or fairytales, and they give you fiction and non-fiction books that deal with the topic categorized by age level. They also give you ideas on how to explore the topic with hands-on activities. If your child already has a book they were assigned to read, pick the topic that most closely resembles the topic they have to read about, and use the activities to introduce them, and get them thinking about the topic. You’re free to use the purchase link they give you to the book, or do what I’d do and look for it at a local library.

You can also sign up for weekly text messages for small tips on your phone.

Get your kids through their reading list this summer and encourage a positive relationship with reading with Start With a Book:

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