Halloween is a great holiday for spooks and thrills, but it's also a great time for kids to make great memories. Pumpkin carving and decorating is one of the iconic traditions of the fall season. After your kids have picked out their very own pumpkin, it's time to decorate! Here are a few ways to make pumpkin decorating fun and unique. 

Pumpkin Carvings:  photo by Patrick Herrera

The usual Jack O' Lantern faces and designs are fun enough. But there are a bunch of ways to make cool designs outside of the usual scary face. Maybe you have a few cookie cutters that you can use as stencils? You can have your kids draw funny faces of their own, or even carve out names or a scary message. Whatever you do, don't forget to light a candle on the inside. 

Candy Holders: 

Who said pumpkins were just for outside or window decorations? They can be practical too! Instead of a bowl of candy, maybe have your pumpkin be a candy holder. This idea comes from Stephanie Lynn, who used fake pumpkins, but real pumpkins would work just as well. Just carve out a big mouth, and stuff the pumpkin with candy. It's a cute and fun way for kids to get into the spirit of not only getting candy but giving out candy as well.

Using Rhinestones: 

Maybe you have a kid who's into sparkles and gems. Buy a few of their favorite stick-on rhinestones and gems to create a sparkly design that'll sparkle in the night. Instead of carving out a face, use the gems to block out the features and create a face. Use a little bit of glitter to up the sparkle factor!

Create a Pumpkin Sculpture: 

You can use pumpkins of different sizes to make different kinds of creatures and characters. Use a few pumpkins to make a caterpillar or a spider, or use one pumpkin as a body and the smaller one as a head to make a funny character! Get creative with paints and wigs to really bring pumpkin characters to life. 

Pumpkin Paintings:  photo from thebubblybay

Maybe you don't want to carve into a pumpkin at all, maybe it's too messy or too dangerous to have a knife around. In that case, just paint your pumpkins! Have your kids paint the faces of their favorite cartoon characters, or maybe their favorite animal. Paint a spooky scene or a fun colorful design. Let your kid's imagination run wild. And to make things even cooler you can even use...

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins: 

Whether you're doing a traditional painting or splattering some on there, glow in the dark paint just makes everything cooler. Especially if you're planning on keeping your pumpkins outside or by a window. You can use glow in the dark paint to create even spookier effects like ooze and slime. Paint a face that'll glow in the dark and playfully spook everyone when the lights go out. 

Pumpkin decorating is fun for kids who like to get creative and messy, and a great way to round out the end of October. Happy decorating!

Sara Gonzalez
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