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We all know that summer doesn’t just have to mean mindless TV and losing some of what kids have learned the past few months. There are plenty of ways that summer can be just as educational and fun with summer camps, summer reading, and creative at-home activities. You can add JAM to that list because now that kids are using electronic devices more than ever, an app may be the perfect way to get kids involved with learning a new skill.

JAM is a special app where kids get to watch videos on different activities and skills and learn from instructors. Activities range from cooking, drawing, animating, Lego building, Minecraft, and so much more. Kids then get to share and upload videos of themselves doing the activity or sharing their finished product with other kids on the platform. It’s completely safe and moderated, and parents get an email every time their child uploads something so they can keep track of what their child is sharing, and in turn, share their child’s work with friends and family.

JAM is for all ages up to 16 and offers a 14-day free trial so that you and your kids can test it out for yourselves. The full Jam experience can be from $8/month to $20/month depending on the plan. JAM offers a great kid community with moderators that ensure that it is bully-free and a safe space for kids to just be kids and interact with others who share the same interests as them. You can learn more about the app here:

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