Arts and crafts can be a great outlet for kids and even adults to express themselves and find their inner artist. This summer, encourage your kids to get creative and crafty with Samantha Sarles’ new book, Rock Art Handbook: Techniques and Projects for Painting, Coloring, and Transforming Stones. The idea of coloring or painting rocks might not seem all that exciting at first, but when you take a look through the pages and see the different designs and art you can make, it looks fun.

Samantha was inspired by her son’s love of crafting and the joy they got from decorating simple rocks together. Samantha believes that art projects don’t always need to be complex to showcase great creativity. Kids and adults don’t need to be expert artists to make great art, and that’s what her book on rock art strives to drive home. The art techniques in her book range from simple designs, like words and dots, to intricate designs and blending, all of which the book carefully takes you through, step by step.

These rocks would make great shelf decorations, a good summer day activity, and even good Father’s day gifts now that Father’s day is right around the corner.

Her book is available on Amazon.

Sara Gonzalez
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