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Kids love to tell stories. Their imagination reaches places that some adult brains would never think of. There's a way to help bring their stories to life with beautiful and charming illustrations, for free! Sometimes kids love telling stories but don't have the skill or the interest in drawing pictures to go along with their stories. Storybird is a website that provides illustrations curated from artists to help kids tell their stories. There are hundreds of illustrations and artists to choose from that will inspire imaginative and creative stories. 

Kids can share the stories they've written with friends and family and even reach an audience of kids who read each other's books. Storybird doesn't have to be for just writers though, parents can browse for books to read with their infants and young children. You can narrow down book selections by age group for great books to read with your kids. The website is for all ages, children and adults alike. If you have older kids who like to write stories, Storybird offers online courses to improve writing, however, these are not free and require a membership. 

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