The Story Pirates


     Hop on aboard for a fantastical children’s podcast fueled by imagination, where children can hear their stories come to life. The Story Pirates started off as a group that held live children’s improv shows. Kids are encouraged to share their own stories and bring them to life with their friends and actors on stage. Now they’re teaming up with Gimlet Media, a podcast network that has made many hits including, Reply All, Crimetown, and Homecoming, to create their first children’s podcast: The Story Pirates Podcast. Children can submit a story that they’ve come up with, and then tune in each week to listen to a talented group of improv comedians and actors act out their stories. The Story Pirates have had special guests including Jon Stewart, Conan O’Brian, Aubrey Plaza, and even more. If your child has a special story that they’ve been dying to share, then head on over to to submit a story. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and anywhere else podcasts are available. First ship sets sail on November 20th, 2017.


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