Don't let the cold weather's arrival (we think) freeze out your toddler boys' style! Little girls get to wear tiaras as a fashionable accessory so why not incorporate a crown into the wardrobe of your trendsetting little princes? Layered cool colors with pops of warm and mainstream brands styled with rare pieces strike the perfect balance of energy - creating a collection of winter looks as stylish as they are youthful. Stay on trend with tartan plaid, faux/vegan leather, faux fur and don't forget his highness' shades for the sunny days! (NYC)

Modeling Agency - New York Model Management (
Photographer - Alex Logaiski (
Stylist - Ursula M. Agurto (
Grooming - Beauty by Christy C. (
Clothing Brands - Tommy Hilfiger (, Appaman (, H&M (, Sperry (, Siaomimi Play (, Rachel Riley (, Zara (, Winkniks (, Levi's (