Someone call Tyra and tell her to make an Americas next top MINI model. This little boy has it all!! 2 yrs old and can rock a man bun like no other, seriously.. check out his man bun. When I see his little model poses I don't know whether to applaud his serious skill or just want to pick him up and squeeze him cause he is so cute! I cant stand it. Tyler's "Bad boy" style isn't the only thing that shines through his photos, his funny and charming personality is the cherry on top! Definitely one little man worth the follow!

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South West Regional Director, Victoria Richey, Born in Houston Tx, Has always been drawn to the fashion industry. She started modeling when she was 15 years old and fell in love with the world of Fashion. She is now a mother and is inspired by children's wear. "I am beyond thrilled to be working with Posh Kids, Its like a dream come true to combine my love of Fashion and joy of Children together"

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