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When your baby grows out of their infant baby bath, that’s when you know its time to introduce them to the big tub. But you might not want to spend time filling up the tub with water either because it’s just too much water for one small baby, or it just takes too long for your fussy baby to handle. BabyDam has a solution.

BabyDam is a bath divider that will section off your tub, making sure that the water only fills in one space. That means, less time filling up the bath, less water being used, and more safe and fun for your baby since their toys won’t keep drifting off where they can’t reach. It’s a great way to save water, being eco-friendly, and a great way to save space since you won’t need to store another baby tub each time they grow out of theirs. Just create more space with the BabyDam divider as they grow.

You can learn more about the BabyDam and if it’ll fit in your tub on their website:

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