It’s harder now than ever to keep track of who kids are talking to online and what they’re watching or saying. Sometimes kids don’t tell you how they feel, even if they need help. Sometimes kids don’t recognize potential threats online. With the Bark app, parents can get alerts on a variety of harmful and worrying behaviors connected to their child. By connecting your child’s social media accounts to the app, you will be alerted by email or text when the app detects threats or behavioral traits related to cyber-bullying, depression, suicidal thoughts, Internet predators, and sexting among other things. It’s a great way for parents to prevent any future dangers to their child. If you’re worried about crossing the privacy threshold between you and your child, don’t worry. The app is designed to only alert you to potential dangers, not actively monitor every aspect of their life. Bark strives to create an environment where the child feels safe and comfortable without creating friction between the parent and child with overbearing monitoring. To find out more about the app and service, visit:


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