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BuddyPhones are a line of head phones specially designed for children that come with a volume cap that parents can set so their kids aren’t listening to music at an unsafe volume. The BuddyPhones technology includes noise reduction to that kids don't feel like they need to make their music louder. The cushions on the headphones are made without plastics that could be harmful, and are made with hypoallergenic leather and are easy to clean and durable. They come in many different colors and designs, and include stickers and decals so kids can further customize and personalize their headphones.

The coolest features for me are definitely the audio sharing and the StudyMode. The headphones come with an audio splitter that allows up to four headphone cables to connect to one device so that kids can listen in at the same time without fighting over who gets to listen. The StudyMode allows for kids to listen to lessons and focus on their studying without too much interference from background noises. It isolates sound so that voices can come through clearer. It’s especially helpful for kids that have trouble focusing. These headphones come in different styles and designs and can be wireless or wired. 

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