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Setting up a nursery for a new member of the family is exciting. It's your chance to be the interior designer you never knew you wanted to be. It's also exciting to pick out new items for someone you know who's expecting. There's a lot to think about when it comes to filling up your baby's room with things that they'll like, but you might also want the room to be as wonderful and playful as it can be, in style of course.

If you love intricate detail and theming, Babyjives and Co. have plenty of mobiles handmade in the USA that would be perfect for your baby's room, over a cradle, changing table, or just from the ceiling for decor. From clouds to dragons, to gorgeous butterflies, the mobiles are all made with quality materials like wool, leather, and high-quality wood. Each mobile has character and will fit in with any aesthetic design you choose for the baby's room.

Even way after the newborn years, the designs and products from Babyjives can be put up in any kid's room if they enjoy charming and fantastical designs. If you like their mobiles, you can check out their wall decorations, swaddles, babywear, and more here:


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