Time flies during the summer. Must be all the beach trips, and water fights. So it’ll be time to get the kids ready to go back to school. This is either great news or bad news, depending on who you are. From lunch containers, to first aid ointment, here are a few products that you might want to check out for the new school season.

Wellslock Containers:

These lunch containers are eco-friendly, and are the first single-latch storage containers. They are BPA-free, airtight, leak-proof, and prevent moisture retention so that food doesn’t spoil. These are great for putting school lunches in and are guaranteed to keep their food fresh and inside their container. They’re microwave safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. You can check out the different sizes and learn more here.

Bugband Towelettes:

When kids go back to playing school sports or other outdoor activities, make sure they keep the bugs and mosquitos off of them with Bugband. Kids can put bug repellent on their face or neck with the ease of a swipe for great protection. They’re lightweight and can be taken anywhere. They’re DEET-free and safe even around pets. Learn more here.

Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks:

For your little ones who love animals, get them a backpack with their favorite furry friend on it. These backpacks are made of durable materials, have comfy padded straps, and side pockets for drinks. They have an insulated pouch for snacks inside, and a nametag to write their name in so you know it’ll always find its way back to them if it gets lost. They’re an inexpensive way for little kids to stand out on their first day of school. Check them out here


And lastly, you never know when your accident-prone kid is going to show up with cuts, bruises, or scrapes. CUROXEN first aid ointment can be tucked away in their backpack for whenever they need it, or be applied when they come back home. It’s a safe, organic cleaning ointment that uses natural ingredients to get rid of harmful bacteria. Made with Olive oil, Calendula, and Lavender Essential Oil, this ointment is safer to use than chemical-based ointments and kills 5X more bacteria. It’s safe to use for the whole family. Learn more here.

Hopefully these products can help you start brainstorming about things your kids will need, so they’ll always be prepared.

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