When I was younger, I remember my mom buying my siblings and me a whole bunch of science kits and homemade experiments, like growing my own spongy dinosaur in a tube. It was one of my favorite things to do and I have a lot of fond memories of them. If you have a little scientist of your own, or a kid who just likes to do hands on activities, Geekwrapped can help you find the best science toys and kits for any kid at any age.

Their team goes through hundreds of toys and games to find the best of the best for toddlers, young kids, and young teens. Every product they showcase has been reviewed and approved as a high quality product, and makes it easy for parents to find toys that are safe and will provide optimal entertainment for their kid. It’s important to nurture an interest in learning something new, so here are a few that I’ve singled out as kits that I would’ve loved as a kid:

Super Grow Eggs:

Similar to what I remember as a kid, these dinos hatch out of their eggs and grow in water. It’s fun to watch and anticipate how big it’s going to get.

Perfume Science Kit:

This one allows kids to experiment with smells and learn about the science behind fragrances, eventually making their own perfumes.

Magic Science Lab:

This one teaches magic tricks using chemical reactions. Perfect for kids who want to learn the science behind magic potions and spells.

Chem C1000:

For the older kids, this chemistry kit comes with a bunch of experiments to do right at home while learning how to handle lab equipment.

There are plenty more on their website, Geekwrapped.com, so check them out for some fun, science activities to do while school’s out!

Sara Gonzalez
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