Kids have just started their summer vacation, so buying a new lunchbox might not be on your radar right now. But kids take careful thought into what they want to carry their lunch in, and TyffynKids wants to provide cute, and functional lunch boxes that they’ll love to take with them wherever they might travel.

The Vaya TyffynKids lunch box is vacuum insulated so that hot or cold foods will stay hot or stay cold. The box is made out of stainless steel and BPA free plastics, and is slim so that it can easily fit in a bag. What I like about it is that it comes with different parts and containers so that you can put multiple dishes inside. The lids are leak-proof and have a heat protective finger grip.

Design-wise, the kids lunch boxes come with either a cat design or a dinosaur design, but you could easily choose solid colors or other pattern designs. As for washing, they are easy to clean, but not dishwasher safe, so they need to be washed by hand. You can browse and see for yourself here:

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