It is such an exciting time when your baby can finally start enjoying solid foods! I remember researching what her first meal should be, looking at first meal cookbooks and looking up how to make baby food at home. Whatever you decide to feed your baby, they will certainly need a vessel in which to eat out of. Enter Miniware, an eco-friendly tableware line for kids aged 4 months and up. 

Products range from the Teething Spoon set, to the First Bites set, and up to Healthy Meals set. These sets are fun and functional with interchangeable parts for different ages and meals. These sets were designed to help children learn to self-feed. Some features include:

  • "An 'easy scoop' 90-degree bowl and cutlery design for easy self-feeding."
  • "A larger size that gives self-feeders more room to maneuver"
  • "A detachable suction foot that reduces spills and comes off easily when the child no longer needs it."
  • "Stackability for easy storage."

Combined with the Miniware cutlery sets, babies and small children will master self-feeding easily while developing their muscle control and balance. 

For parents, the style is aesthetically pleasing because of the color palette to choose from, and their stackable design using minimal kitchen space. The entire line is made from plant-based material like bamboo fiber and is dishwater safe. Miniware also has waterproof travel bags which makes eating on the go easier and less messy. 

There are never any chemicals used in manufacturing so they are a great alternative as we veer away from plastics.

Miniware can help make mealtime less stressful for the whole family while also being a more health conscious and environmentally safe choice. Check out their website for lots of options and more info!


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