Moms deserve fun nights out too! But it can be hard when you know you have a little one to take care of the next morning. Here are a few products that can help with hangovers, energize you for the next morning, and put any worries about breast milk to rest.

Thrive+ is a supplement that reduces short-term alcohol withdrawal, replaces lost vitamins and makes it easier for the liver to break down the alcohol. It’ll make it easier for you to be the energized mom your child needs by helping prevent hangovers in the morning.

HTWO Hydrogen Water is an “elemental formula of molecular hydrogen gas infused into purified water.” It’ll help you feel energized without adding elements like caffeine and sugar.

UpSpring Milkscreen is an easy test you can take at home to test whether there’s any alcohol in your breast milk. It only takes two minutes and eliminates any worries that could keep you from enjoying your night.

BPI Sports: Best Energy Liquid Water Enhancer is another way to give yourself a boost of energy in the morning. Add 25mg of caffeine to your water without feeling too jittery.

So go ahead moms, have a great night out, and know you’ll be ready for the next day with your energetic little one.

These products are easily available here:


HTWO Hydrogen Water: Amazon or

UpSpring Milkscreen:

BPI Sports: nationwide at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, Amazon, and


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