This backpack is one of a kind! It makes a fashion statement all while being durable and really cool for kids! Japanese ​made, with the finest Japanese leather. I find it so cool because it has tons of storage compartments and hooks for the everyday life of a child! It comes in countless colors and patterns. The really cool part about it is that it doesn't only have to be for kids! I would personally use this for my every day bag! It could hold my tablet, Notepad and everything I needed for my toddler! A very cool product, I hope to see more of it in the USA!

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South West Regional Director, Victoria Richey, Born in Houston Tx, Has always been drawn to the fashion industry. She started modeling when she was 15 years old and fell in love with the world of Fashion. She is now a mother and is inspired by children's wear. "I am beyond thrilled to be working with Posh Kids, Its like a dream come true to combine my love of Fashion and joy of Children together"

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