Roofa Spain is a company started in Madrid, Spain, that specializes in developing high standard quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products for childcare. They made their debut not too long ago in 2017 and are pushing for products that are natural formulas for sensitive skin.

For babies, they have developed bath and body lotions, oils, shampoos, balms, and rash creams that are made with natural ingredients and special formulas that have been clinically tested by dermatologists and pediatrics. They boast of using formulas without irritants such as salt, mineral oils, and colorants. They’ve also developed intuitive fragrances that are designed like toys to help encourage hygiene routines through fun animal characters with Roofa Cool Kids.

Their product development doesn’t stop at babies however, as they also design pharmaceutical products for adults as well, such as tweezers and nail care sets. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like their products are available to purchase online yet but you can learn more about them on their website:


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