Room To Grow


Children’s bedrooms are notoriously difficult to design. Ditch the cartoon themes and color-chaos for these designer tips from Steele Street Studios and you’ll create a calm space that won’t age- even as your child does. 

We’ve all stepped into a child’s bedroom and felt the sickly-sweet feeling of being trapped in time. Racecar beds, Disney-themed comforters, or that time when Johnny really, really, really loved the color green? While it’s fun for a moment, those bedrooms eventually need to be re-designed as the child’s preferences, hobbies, and tastes mature.

At Steele Street Studios, our goal is to create homes that are not only beautiful but also truly reflect who the client is. In a child’s bedroom, that means creating a space for play, exploration, and rest that can morph and change as the child does. It’s surprisingly simple, if you take the time to plan.


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