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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are no strangers when it comes to parenting. Having two daughters, Delta and Lincoln, they know what it's like to want the best products for their kids. They also believe that parents shouldn't have to break the bank for premium products, which is why they both created Hello Bello.

Hello Bello is a company that creates plant-based baby products from diapers, lotions, to wipes. No petroleum-based products here. They make an effort to use renewable and organic materials in their products to help lessen the harmful impact on the environment. Usually, this would result in a higher price tag because organic materials aren't cheap to use. But because of Hello Bello's team up with Walmart, they're able to sell high-quality organic products at an affordable price.

Here's what they have to offer: shampoo and body wash, baby lotion, baby wipes, bubble bath, diaper rash cream, and hand sanitizer. The prices all range from around $3.00 to $8.00. All made with organic oils and devoid of harmful chemicals.

When it comes to diapers, on their site they offer bundles starting at $65. Sizes range from size N to size 6, and each bundle comes with 7 diaper packs, 4 packs of wipes (60 in a pack), and a freebie with your first order. The number of diapers in a pack depending on the size and can range from 126 to 245 diapers per pack. The diapers are super absorbent and meant to take on anything while being super comfy. They also come in 13 cute prints.

The launch hasn't been without controversy however, as the "Good Place" actress was criticized on Instagram for partnering with Walmart. Walmart is known for questionable practices including child labor and maltreatment of their workers. Kristen commented saying, "I don't agree with everything either. But I'll say this: I spent a ton of time educating myself on their practices. They do not in fact use child labor and have very strict checks and balances to make sure that stays the case." She continued to say, "Their economy of sale was the only place we could have sold that would give us the economy of sale to make the product with safe, effective ingredients at a price point all Americans could afford. We believe people shouldn't have to break the bank to care for children. That's why we started @hellobello."

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Despite the controversy, the choice was clearly done with good intentions and to give all parents access to products like these. Dax Shepard said his involvement with the company and marketing was to encourage dads to be more involved in buying baby products since many baby sections are geared towards mothers. 

You can check out their products at Walmart stores, or buy directly online at And you can check out the official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep updated. 


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