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Kids love stories. Bedtime stories, being told stories, or even telling stories of their own. Lunii - My Fabulous Storyteller allows kids to do all of that. It's a screen-free way to stimulate imagination and encourage learning. It's a cute little box that kids can listen to with headphones, or through its speakers, and it will tell them lots of wonderful stories.

Kids even create their own stories by choosing a hero, a setting, a second character, and the object of their story. Each story is from 3-7 minutes long and there are 48 stories already in the box, with plenty more to download on their online store: the Luniistore. It's perfect for when parents are too busy or tired for bedtime stories, and great for when kids need something to entertain themselves on long car rides. It comes with multiple language options, some only available on the Luniistore, and is a great way for kids to learn new vocabulary.

Great for kids from ages 3-8, and would make a great holiday gift! Make sure you check it out on


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