It's no secret that girls don't tend to go after careers in STEM programs. STEM careers have some of the lowest numbers when it comes to diversity. There have been efforts over the years to diversify and encourage young girls to develop their interests in Science, Tech, and Mathematics knowing that most girls drop these subjects and interests at a young age. There could be multiple reasons for this but the most common reason is that girls feel stifled creatively in these subjects. 

These subjects feel one-note and uninspiring to a lot of girls, including myself when I was in school. But STEM careers can be some of the most rewarding careers both financially AND creatively!

The New Girl Code - The Launch of a Fashion App by Niki Smit is part of a new book series that hopes to change the way girls feel about STEM, more specifically, tech development. With the world going digital, knowledge about tech has never been more important. Noticing that there weren't a lot of role models for girls in these fields, whether in the media or in real life, creator Janneke Niessen developed the idea for this book to show girls that having an interest in tech can help bring their creative ideas to life. 

The story is about Charlie, a 15-year old girl who discovers a love of coding and develops a new fashion app, The Fashionist, with her friends. This app goes suddenly viral and becomes hugely successful. Now she and her friends have to figure out their new lives as CEOs and overcome some of the hardships that come with it.

It's a story about finding yourself, dealing with friendships, crushes, fashion, and of course surviving high school. If you have a tween at home or know a tween that has an interest in technology, fashion, or simply just wants a good story about a young girl becoming a badass career woman, gift them with this book.

This book is available on Amazon and comes with cute laptop stickers. You can also learn more about The New Girl Code and what they're all about here:


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