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Wee Gallery has been making fun and quirky child development products since 2002. Founded by a team of parents, Surya and Dave, a graphic designer and teacher respectively, they both design and produce books, toys, swaddles, and décor that are made with child and eco-friendly materials. They work closely with child development experts to create merchandise that have contrasting colors, bold artwork and designs, that make it easier for babies to see and engage with. I love the style of their designs, so here are my top 8 products that Wee Gallery has to offer in no particular order:

 8. Animal Alphabet Cards – These are special matte laminated cards that have animals printed on them, along with their corresponding letter of the alphabet. The animals are printed in that charming Wee Gallery art style.

7. Safari Playmat – This play mat is double sided, with animals on one side, and a soft pattern on the other. Made in India with organic fabrics.

6. Canvas Growth Charts – These growth charts are a fun way for parents and kids to keep track of how fast their growing. There are different designs and themes ranging from dinosaurs, farm animals, and woodland creatures.

5. Organic Activity Pad – Their activity pads comes with different sensory stimulations for babies to touch and tug on. Includes things like a squeak noise, a teething ring, and crinkles.

4. Penguin in New York – A preschooler activity book. Kids can color the illustrations and do the different activities as Penguin explores New York City, like mazes and picture scavenger hunts.

3. Color Me: Bath Books – These books are adorable and safe to take into the bathtub. In fact, water turns the black and white pictures into colorful artwork like magic!

2. Baby’s First Photo album – This photo album book hold 12 photos for every month of their first year of milestones. The accordion book comes with charming illustrations for each frame.

1. Toot, Toot, Boom! – This is a press and listen book that comes with different sound chips for different instruments. As infants look through book, they can press the button to hear the instruments the animals are playing.

You can find all of these products on their website:


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