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The New York Toy Fair is one of the biggest international trade shows for toys for kids of all ages. Held at the Jacob Javits Center, vendors and creators from all over the world come to showcase some of the newest and hottest toys of the upcoming seasons. According to reports, the hottest toys of 2019 are going to consist of unboxing toys, most likely due to the hundreds upon hundreds of unboxing YouTube videos that kids like to watch, classic throwback toys that parents might've played with when they were kids, and toys that incorporate AR technology that will give another layer of interactive play. 

Another popular theme throughout the toy fair was keeping up with changing society. This was present with some of the dolls seen there including Barbie, which is now more diverse than ever, reflecting the push for diversity and representation of all types of girls. There were also dolls made for Instagram, where girls could create their doll's own profile and signature poses. Reflective of today's Instagram/social media takeover. And since everyone's still riding the wave of nostalgia, cabbage patch kids, Legos, and those Star Wars Lightsabers everyone beat their siblings up with in the past, are still going strong. 

Here are some of the Top Kid's Toys from the 2019 New York Toy Fair that kids are going to love this year!

1. PopPops Pets - The people behind this toy know exactly what they're doing because they combined some of the hottest trends that kids love into one toy. Hidden collectibles, and slime! Each packet comes with a few bubbles made of slime that can be popped to reveal not just the cool colorful slime, but a teeny little collectible toy. Kids who are into surprise toys will certainly love this.


2. Snapstar - These dolls are perfect for girls who like to take pictures to post on social media. These dolls are made to be posed for pics, are stylish, and even come with a green screen so that you can virtually put them against any backdrop. Girls can create their own little Instagram star!


3. Lego Hidden Side - This isn't just your usual Lego set. The new line of Legos is specifically made for AR technology. One of the sets shown was a haunted town set that works in conjunction with a special App that enables kids to play and help the Lego characters hunt down ghosts. Kids play and interact with the virtual landscape on their phone with one hand, but can still use their imagination and manipulate the real set and characters to solve puzzles with their other hand. This kind of augmented reality gameplay is probably the future of toys. 

4. Carpool Karaoke, The Mic - If you've seen James Cordon's Carpool Karaoke, you know what this is all about. Singing Machine partnered with CBS to create a mic that works with any streaming service or karaoke app with Bluetooth technology. It can be synched to the radio as well. It'll change your car into a moving karaoke booth. It's a fun way for kids to sing in the car while hearing their own voice come up with the track. Perfect for long car trips.

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5. Star Wars Lightsaber Academy - A classic toy that has yet to go out of style. But this time, there's a modern twist. Lightsaber Academy is an interactive battle system that works through an app. The lightsaber will be able to track your movements and attacks and send them to the app, training and grading your skills. Kids will be able to fight against virtual enemies and even have fair battles against their siblings or friends with lightsabers. 

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6. Barbie - Barbie has never been as fun as she is now. You'd be hard pressed to find a doll that your little girl won't be able to connect with. The dolls come in varying sizes, heights, skin tones, features, and styles. Barbie continues to evolve with society and proves why she's the number one choice for most girls.

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7. Pokemon, and more Pokemon - With the upcoming release of the Detective Pikachu movie starring Ryan Reynolds, Pokemon is sure to be a big hit item. Plenty of plushes were on display of not only Detective Pikachu, but other types of Pokemon that fans of the franchise love. Wicked Cool Toys is going all out with the Pokemon merch for the release with their action figures, electronic plushes, and aesthetically pleasing pixelated figures. 

There were plenty of other toys and games including classic board games. No one ever gets tired of a good board game. And many of these items are going to be released in the upcoming summer and fall seasons. So keep some of these in mind if you have a kid you know will want to get their hands on these. 


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