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Everyone loves a good plushie, especially kids and babies. Even I was a huge collector of stuffed animals when I was a kid. Plushies are a kid’s first best friend; it’s there for them whenever they need them, to comfort them, to play with, and to love.

For the new parent who’s going to need a comfort animal for their little one, or the kid who just can’t stop collecting them, the Bellzi plushies are a great gift. There are tons of animals to choose from, and they’re absolutely adorable. Everything is made with quality fabrics and stuffed with care. They have bears, cats, narwhals, dinosaurs, if your child has a favorite animal, chances are it’s here.

If you can’t decide on what to get, they have a mystery box option so you can be surprised when you get your plush. They say if you’re not satisfied, you get a refund guaranteed. You can check out these plushies on their website:

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