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Ai - sa - bo - bo
/ ī - să - bō - bō /

Make Our Children Shine

Aisabobo’s mission is to bring the best design to the world of children's fashion. A luxury clothing brand for boys and girls aged 3 to 12, our enchanting designs are made with the highest quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

Co-founded by Jinka and Sharon Kagami, Aisabobo is a gift for their future daughter, Aisa. The word “bobo” is the sound one makes when kissing on the cheek. When they began to plan for children, first thoughts ran to their wardrobe. “I want it to be filled with great designs and quality clothing, and what better way to ensure this than by making the clothes ourselves,” says Sharon.

The design team in Canada comprises talented designers around the world. “We do not follow fast fashion, but are trying to wake up the little designer that lives in every child’s heart,” says Jinka. “We treat all as our own, and believe that every child is unique and different. The smiles we see from kids in Aisabobo are our best rewards.”

Design Philosophy

We believe that style is important for kids as much as adults. Our clothing strives to balance fashion with function, and to add a little chic to the sandbox.

We understand what you want: something both Instagram-able and machine washable. Clothes that will keep looking good long after your little ones have outgrown them.

Each of our original designs is carefully crafted and reviewed repeatedly by our executive team. We test the fabric and trim to make sure they are safe for the children, then pre-wash each to minimize shrinkage. Every garment passes our checkpoints with tender loving care.

As a role model, we strive to ensure that both children’s health and the environment are protected, and that everyone is being treated fairly and works in a friendly environment.

At Aisabobo, we aspire to help our children express their unique personality and sense of style. Be unique, be different!

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