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My mom tells me that my instinct for fashion and clear preferences in style were apparent at the age of 2. I’m not so sure. However, when I had girls of my own, my interest in achieving that perfect look heightened. Here I was making sure that everything from neck to toe was pristinely coordinated. I ventured to incorporate and inject my personal style into their wardrobe. Then I looked at my precious daughters with their shining faces and gleaming eyes. I was so proud but something was missing. There was a vital finishing touch that was lacking. Their lustrous hair was begging for the perfect crowning accessory. I handmade those accessories to my own specifications. The reviews were great. Everywhere they went people wanted to know where I purchased the band, the bow, the clip, etc. My friends urged me to make them for their own children. My girls’ classmates put in requests for birthday party gifts. And so, Halo was born.

The look I strive for is the one that I, myself, appreciate. It is classic and classy but with a flair. It is subtle with the surprise touch that makes the statement and thus, the outfit.

Every one of my handmade creations is unique, from start to finish, and no two are alike.. Enjoy the fact that your little angel is bedecked with a unique halo, designed especially for her.

I welcome you to join me on this journey and hope that you too will take pride in how your beautiful girls look in their “Halos”.


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