3 Travel Spots for the Entire Family

Planning a family vacation is undisputedly a strenuous task. Between juggling traveling guides and baby binkies, trying to find the perfect balance between enriching exoticism and a safe environment for the kids can seem near impossible. Fortunately, there are many locations around the globe which provide the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing get-away. Offering an immersion into fascinating cultures, delicious cuisine, and family-friendly activities, these locations are sure to satisfy both toddlers and parents alike.

While Honolulu, Hawaii tends to be a common travel destination, it is often unrecognized for its variety of family-oriented entertainment. This vibrant capital is a melting pot of people and things to do, ranging from shopping centers to historical landmarks to incredible restaurants.

One of the many places to visit is Hanauma Bay, a marine embayment formed from a collapsed volcano crater. It boasts facilities such as a terrific beach, hiking trails, and an underwater area chock-full of marine-wildlife that one could snorkel in. There are many companies that operate exhilarating water sports (jet skiing, scuba-diving, whale-watching, etc.), such as “Sea Breeze Water sports” and “Island Divers Hawaii”. For people craving a bit more serenity, the Ala Moana Beach Park offers gorgeous views and a tranquil environment while the kids play in the sea.

Costa Rica
Visiting Costa Rica is certainly not for the faint of heart. Besides the touching hospitality of the Costa Rican culture and the authenticity of their cuisine, there is an adventure around every corner! The wealth of wildlife is prominent, with a total of twenty-seven national parks and fifty-eight wildlife refuges, each boasting its own unique beauty. Whether it’s going horseback riding on the lively beaches or zip-lining through forest canopies, there’s no shortage of activities.

The dining experience in Costa Rica is perfect for picky eaters as well as self-pronounced food-critics. The food is often served very fresh, and (unlike other types of Latin American cuisine) includes a large variety of food groups that lower the overall calorie intake. Typical Costa Rican dishes include “Casado” (a very common platter consisting of different meats and some fruits), “Olla de Carne” (a nutritious stew), “Gallo Pinto” (rice and beans stir-fried simultaneously in a pan) and plenty more. There is a comforting feel to eating these homemade-style foods, yet the complexity of flavors will cease to disappoint.

The islands of Tahiti are some of the most renowned vacation spots in the world. Filled with heavenly beaches and breathtaking views, this area in the south Pacific is a great place to recharge with the family. One can immerse themselves into the Tahitian culture by staying in a bungalow atop the crystal waves, or having a peaceful picnic on a private motu. The elegant tongue of Polynesian French flows leisurely to match the tranquil environment.

There is, however, the essential flair of adventure for the more daring vacationers. Tourists in Tahiti would have the opportunity to partake in an island excursion or a safari. Yet the most popular attraction in Tahiti is boarding a powerboat and taking it out to feed some docile sharks. Instructed by an experienced guide, this activity is even safe for children, the courageous ones at that!

The spirited nightlife of Tahiti is another great source of entertainment to indulge in. There are many displays of traditional Tahitian dancing, including the beautiful expression of emotion by the dancers and even some edgy fire-breathing tricks. The culture really shines even when the sun is down.

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