Javi Marroquin is Focusing on Moving On

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Hi, how are you doing?!
Hi, I am Good. Just got out of work.

So, Teen Moms is back on, and it’s airing a very difficult time in your life. Is there anything you wish MTV did not air that was aired?
I wouldn’t say I wish that they wouldn’t air it. If I could go back in time and address all these situations differently, I definitely would. At that time, I was angry. I was an angry person. So it was hard for me coming home. It was an adjustment. And I think I could have handled it a lot better than what I did.

That’s a fair enough answer because as they are filming, you are reacting on how you feel at that moment. Then as time goes on, you’re able you start to wish they were recording you now being that you’re in a such a better place now.
Exactly, everything was still raw and still so new, and I was in a bad place.

But of course, for TV the timing was perfect. It was just not a good time for you guys.
Yeah, but it can go both ways because at the same time the fan get to see the raw emotions and they get to see what we were really going through so it has its pros and cons.

That is true, so how does it feel reliving that rough time all over again?
Reliving everything makes it ten times harder, just because you’re over all these situations, and you’re in a better place. Now that we’re reliving it you would get opinions on social media, and you get other people’s perspective and their views, and it just opens up a whole other can of worms that you really don’t want. But I mean that’s what we signed up for. And so, it is what it is. You just have to find a way to deal with it.

What do you think being on the show and having all your marriage issues being so public played a significant role in the end of your marriage?
I think, well, this is what I tell everyone. I believe that it adds stress. Yes. I mean you know you’re filming these long seasons. I mean it’s human instinct to be stressed naturally, but at the same time, MTV doesn’t hold a gun to your head. Everything that is portrayed on the show, our story, the other girl’s story, it’s our story. It’s what we say, and it’s what we do. So, they don’t have a gun to your head. So, I’m not going to attribute the show to the fail of my marriage. I think we both made decisions and some were right some were wrong and that is what ultimately lead to the end of our marriage.

Now if there was a chance you can change anything that you shared during the filming what would you have changed? Like anything that you shared during filming that you were like “Man I wish I didn’t share that I really wish they didn’t show that.”?
To be honest, I’m not sure. I mean deploying was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I mean like I said I wish I would have handled the situation differently but like I said, I was angry and people will really see raw emotions this season between both of us. And you know things aren’t always great. And as much as people try, and if there are any relationships out there that they try to make it seem like they’re perfect, they’re not. And I’m kind of glad people get the different side of us, even though it’s a negative side but we are human, and we do have emotions. So, it was different than what you would usually see.

It’s a realistic real life situation.

And for me, especially, I found personally very touching the scenes where they show Isaac, and how emotional he was with you leaving and stuff. It just shows how blended families are just as important as your actual family you know he was emotional, it was just so raw the way he was reacting to you leaving it was like his world was ending. I was emotional just watching that scene. I’m sure all the viewers were feeling those emotions too. So, I couldn’t imagine other people that have gone through that same situation were feeling it and touched a lot of individuals.
Exactly. A lot of people and it’s good to see that. I’m glad you know as much as that situation sucked. But if someone out there can relate and I guess that’s ultimately the message the show was trying to portray that our relationship status whether we’re together or not someone out there can relate to it. Someone out there is hurting just as much as we are. So, if someone could learn from our mistakes and how we handle things, then it’s a positive thing. So it’s a good way to show a different side.

So, Kailyn recently announced that she is expecting another baby, what did you think or feel about that announcement?
I really don’t want to talk about it, to be honest.

Have you met the father of Kailyn new baby?
Let’s just say not in a good way. He does nothing for my son, so I don’t need to.

How do you introduce Lincoln to girls you plan to invest time in?
As far as Lincoln, I made the mistake of introducing him to a woman early last time, and it backfired on me. I made that mistake. He would continue to ask about the person, and I didn’t have an answer. It broke my heart. This time around I hope I’ll know when the time is right.

Ok, so now what was the best and worst thing about being on the show?
The best thing is I would probably say you know just all the great people I’ve met. All the doors that have been opened that I’ll forever be grateful. And you know that’s why when a fan or just anyone comes over and ask for a picture, you know I try to engage in conversation with them. I try to be nice and smile and ask how they’re doing because at the end of the day without them we wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t be doing this for so long. So, at the end of the day maybe me engaging in conversation with them could make their day better, and that can change their experience or perhaps their outlook or their opinion on myself. So, I would say that’s the best thing. Now the worst thing is I guess social media. You know people are nasty out there. So just reading comments and trying to defend yourself. Like we have emotions too, and people don’t realize that just because we’re on social media, we’re on the telephone and communicating like that. We have emotions too, and we feel it. So, I guess that’s the worst thing.

I think that that’s a pretty honest straightforward one. Now could you see yourself starring in a non-reality show or a movie or something?
I would love that. Well, non-reality I don’t know. I mean I’ve done different shows outside of Teen Moms. So, it’s definitely different. But if I can get, you know an acting job or something like that I would definitely be open to that I would love that.

I think your fans would love to see the other side of Javi. I think it would be pretty cool.
Not going to lie it would be pretty cool. So maybe I’ll try out and pursue that route.

So how is it juggling your service life and now being a single dad?
Oh, I tell you what’s that, It’s exhausting. I’m not going to lie. It’s not even that. It goes from like my military service and being a single father to still trying to maintain a social life. So, I think it’s three parts well really four because I got the show on top of that. So, trying to find a balance it’s exhausting. I’m tired, but I’m motivated and motivated at work, motivated to be the best parent I can be and motivated to watch Lincoln grow and watch him have a great life. And so, I’m doing everything I can to do all three of these. But I feel like there are not enough hours in the day, so it’s definitely exhausting.

Yeah, I know I can relate to that. So, what is your relationship with Isaac and Joe?
It’s great to believe it or not. Me and Issac’s dad Joe have a great relationship. When the weather is nice out, we usually try to get the boys together at least once a week, and we’ve been doing that pretty consistently now. So, we can text whenever. And he’s made it clear that if I want to see Isaac that I can text him and we can make it happen. It’s pretty awesome of him. You know I think it takes a lot from a man to be able to say that about someone, especially with their son. It’s really nice of him, and I really appreciate that.

And I think it shows a lot of maturity on both parts because it’s not an easy thing to share your son especially him knowing how much Isaac loves you. So, the fact that he’s willing to still engage with you that’s really mature and shows a lot of growth.
Exactly, for sure.

So, what advice would you give any young dad?
Just to be an active father in your child life. Like really for myself, if know Lincoln has something going on and I don’t care if I already have plans. I’m going to cancel them and make sure I’m there. Especially for me, you know I’m really into CrossFit and I do it a lot heavily right now. But I’ve decided this is going to be my last year to really push. That’s just because Lincoln is going to start doing sports this summer and I’ve made a promise to myself that I want to be the type of dad that’s very hands on very active and always there for him because I know my parents were there for me growing up. They were at every game there were my number one fans, and I loved that. And so, I’m so grateful. And that’s what I want to be for Lincoln. I want to be at everything I want to help him. I want to, you know, teach him things so I hope he appreciates it one day.

I’m sure he will. So, we also saw on your social media that enjoying weight training competition. Is it something you want to pursue as a career?
No it’s not. It’s more like a hobby right now. I love competing. And like I said that’s why I’m going to give it one last push to really get it all out of my system, and then I’ll just exercise just for you know health wise and insanity just to stay sane. But now it’s not going to be a career I think. I’m realistic that you know just with the way my life is it. It’s hard to keep up. And I don’t want to lose any more time with Lincoln that I have. I’m going to hang those up pretty soon, and I’m going to focus on Lincoln.

I mean it is a great stress reliever, so I’m sure that hitting the gym got you through a lot of rough times.
Oh Yeah great stress reliever.

Other than weight training how do you keep in such great shape?
Really, the key is eating. I tell everyone. I eat a lot but I eat the right stuff and don’t get me wrong on weekends I splurge out, and I eat what I want, but during the week I’m eating five to six meals of protein some carbs and vegetables. And that’s really it. People you really don’t have to exercise a lot to be in great shape. I always say it’s all made in the kitchen. So it’s all about your food intake.

Besides working out do you have any other hobbies?
I don’t have hobbies. I tell you what my friends really helped me out through this whole situation that’s been going on. If I don’t have Lincoln and I don’t have plans I really love hanging out with my friends. I love it. I’m a homebody so if we can watch a movie or just kick in someone’s house. Let’s do it. But I’ve been traveling a lot. I guess I’m kind of contradictory. I’m a homebody, but I love traveling. It’s a new city, I don’t care, I’m always down to go to a city and just explore. And I’m the type where you can drop me off in the middle of nowhere and let me find my way home.

That’s interesting because you’re a homebody, but at the same time you like traveling. So, it’s like when you’re in your hometown you want to be home, but if you’re in a different city, then it’s like bring on the adventure.
Yeah maybe that’s it… But I can’t remember the last weekend I’ve been home, to be honest with you every weekend I’m out in a different of the city or state so I can’t remember. But I am going to enjoy a weekend pretty soon.

We know recently. You and Lincoln had a shoot with Posh Kids Magazine, how was that experience?
That was probably one of the greatest experience I’ve ever had. Everyone was so friendly. They were so welcoming and opening to Lincoln and myself. You know I was nervous. I don’t know if they could help but I was nervous but they were all so welcoming, and it was just great the whole experience is great.

Now do you have a particular style of clothing that you like or are you pretty open to whatever?
I think I’m into everything. As long as I look good in it, I’m down to wear it. So I mean I just put on some random stuff and see if the colors look OK and if I like it or wear. I don’t know If I have a style or not maybe my friends or the people that see me out maybe they can tell me if I do, I don’t know.

Like as long as it fits. We roll with it.
Like yeah, I’ll make it work.

So we know that your parents were on set with you during your shoot. How is your relationship with them?
Yes, they are very active in my life. Without them you know I wouldn’t be able to do half the stuff I do business wise or just adventure wise or to clear my head. Without them, they are my best friends. And you know I am grateful that they’ve helped me out so much through everything. Lincoln loves them so having them around all the time it’s a plus for everybody.

As long as it fits. We roll with it.
Yeah, I’ll make it work.

I know getting to meet them personally they just seem like very genuine caring loving parents and grandparents.
They’re the best. Growing up my dad did everything he had to do to make sure we were taken cared of. And now that I’m older, I see that, and I’m very appreciative. So I try to return the favor now. Now he’s getting older, and I’m getting older. I try and return the favor.

So, you mentioned before that you like to travel. Where is your favorite place to travel or a place that you have not been to that you would like to go?
I’m dying to go to Colorado, I don’t know what’s in Colorado. I don’t know, but every time I hear about it I just want to go. When I think about a new trip to go to it’s always Colorado. I just want to go maybe because I want to go snowboarding. I’ve never been snowboarding, and I heard it impressive over there. I don’t know what it is, but I just want to go to Colorado, and it’s beautiful. So, one of these days I could jump on a plane and go to Colorado.

Have you ever been to a place that you thought you would not love, but you end up loving it and you’d go there any time?
I would probably say Los Angeles California or Miami or Orlando. I mean look, Los Angeles, is just a different vibe the people are different. I feel like the air is different. You get that west coast vibe and it different for me. I wouldn’t want to live there. I love going for a couple of days a week and a long trip like that. But I would not want to live there. So I definitely just like that. And in Florida, I mean who doesn’t love Florida. The weather’s beautiful all year around. So I feel like everyone loves Florida.

I know, especially with the weather we’re having here now. Anybody would welcome that warm weather.

So, what would you like the readers to know about Javi. Aside from what they see on TV?
I would like everyone to know that I always just love meeting new people and I try to tell everyone if you see me out, hey come up to me, if you want to take a picture. I just so grateful and will forever be grateful of all of the fans of the readers and people that are interested in my life and my son’s life. And the ones that want to watch him grow up. It’s very humbling. Just the other day I had a little girl. She came to my gym, and she wanted to meet me, and she came to say hi and just the fact that I can make an impact on people like that, It’s so humbling. And I try to do whatever I can to return the favor and show my gratitude and appreciation. So if you see me on the street, you know come say hi and talk to me. I want to talk to you.

You know you might be opening up a can of worms with that one.
(He Laughs)

I want to thank you so much on behalf of Posh Kids for giving us the opportunity to work with you and Lincoln and have you as a feature in our magazine we can’t wait for it to release really soon. And we look forward to working with you again in the future.
I really can’t wait either. Thank you. I really appreciate this opportunity and thank you Tanika for everything.

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