WINNIE, Mischka Aoki president and founder

Winnie of Mischka Aoki

Mischka Aoki known as “The HAUTE COUTURE” for children, is a high end Australian label that has vast be- coming known around the globe for it’s exclusivity and exceptional craftsmanship, producing couture dresses for children with hundreds of hours craftsmanship to perfection.

Posh Kids Magazine: Is there anything in the near future you are particularly excited about?
Winnie: We always have new and exciting projects in-line, but the latest upcoming project that we are launching is something that will take Mischka Aoki to yet another level of Luxury, as we are releasing our most exclusive dress to date, a one of a kind Mischka Aoki Exclusive 24K Gold Dress, the dress will be avail- able at Harrods London. The dress is adorned with real 24 Karat Gold Material and further embellished with hundreds of Swarovski Crystals, which is something thats never been done before in the children fashion. The release will coincide with the opening of our very own Mischka Aoki store corner at the New Harrods Mini Superbrand area, this coming April 2016. 

Children always love dresses that are breathtaking. Dresses that makes them to be the most precious.

Posh Kids Magazine: Why do you choose to design Haute Couture for children, can you tell us what is your favorite part of what you do?
Winnie: I think it is important to be true to what you love; that’s the only way you will create something unique. I have always loved and appreciated the intricate details and craftsmanship in couture fashion. The freedom to create something individually unique, exploring different techniques, processes and fabrics and the ability to concentrate on creating something beautiful is of most importance to me. Those who buy Mischka Aoki know they are buying a beautifully created, meticulously crafted, exceptional quality and one of a kind pieces.

Posh Kids Magazine: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
Winnie: My inspiration can come from anywhere. From the places I visited, the books I read, the movies I’ve watched. So many things.

Posh Kids Magazine: How do you make children fall in love with your creations? Is there anything in particular that is always a great success with kids?
Winnie: Children always love dresses that are breath- taking, dresses that makes them to be the most precious. And just so happen Mischka Aoki’s character is always about creating a dress that is unique, luxurious and elegant, so it comes naturally for us to design dress- es that children easily fall in love with. We always use elements such as Swarovski Crystal, Sparkling Tulle or Fancy Tweed coupled with intricate details, which children usually love. 

Posh Kids Magazine: What is your favorite piece from your current collection?
Winnie: Every season I would have my most favorite item, the style that inspires me to create the whole collection. It is the key – the first piece that I created that season that drives the design direction of the en- tire collection. For our latest Spring Summer 16 Collection, they are HAIL TO THE QUEEN and THE KING’S DAUGHTER dress. I think these dresses shows the ultimate luxury, unique style, and the craftsmanship of Mischka Aoki.

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